YUAN KWEI METAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. was established in 1980. At its early stage, it has its main focus on the metal processing. In 1983, YUAN KWEI was the first manufacturer in Taiwan to manufacture injection easy open end (imported is necessary before 1983). YUAN KWEI offer domestic and international manufacturers with 1/3 prices and that has hugely increased the generalization of easy open end domestically. As well, YUAN KWEI has got the orders from well-known U.S. Huirui and Taiwan cyanamide

  1. Production of cosmetics accessories with quality assured.
  2. High-class spacer from Europe, U.S., and Japan. The quality is global standard and confirmed by many international well-known companies.
  3. It’s an aluminum cap with outstanding stability exported globally. In 2000, YUAN KWEI developed a series of containers. Materials are Germany glass tube. Container is covered up with aluminum alloy.

YUAN KWEI has nearly 30 years of manufacturing experiences. Quality is comparable with that from developed countries. YUAN KWEI non-stop advances itself in manufacturing flow and quality control. We insist on the optimization of every step and fulfill the requirements of our customers.
Based upon the professional ability to provide our customers the best services, YUAN KWEI keeps holding on high-quality principle to delivery the orders on time and provide the complete after-sales services. We achieve the goal of “on-time delivery, high efficiency, and low cost”.






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